Been getting a lot of the same questions, so I’m putting together this post to link to in the future. :>

What is your job/What do you do exactly?
I am a freelance comic artist. I draw anything clients ask of me: Cover art (CD/Film/Books), writing/pencilling/inking/colouring of comics and manga, game/film concept art, storyboards, character design, workshops, logo designs, mascot designs, TV host (comic/manga/japan/game related).
I do both private and commercial commissions since about 2006.

How long have you been drawing for?
I have always been drawing since childhood, I just never stopped. :) I started drawing professionally around 2006-2007.

Where did you study art?
I am self-taught and have not studied art in a school or university.

Where should I study art/which college do you recommend?
Since I don’t have any experience with this, I don’t think I am fit to answer such important questions for you. I think you should research and find a place that suits you and your plans for the future best.

What tools do you use?
These are my favourites and most used tools:

  • Pencils: H for rough sketch and mechanical pencil 0.5 (lead: B) for clean sketch.
  • trad. inks: Copic multiliner 0.05 or 0.1, 
  • trad. colours: Polychromos by Faber Castell, Copic Ciao, white gel pen Uni-ball signo broad. (Still looking for a thinner alternative)
  • dig. work: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS5

What tablet do you use, and what would you recommend a beginner?
I use a Wacom Inutos 5 Touch, size L. I only have tested Wacom products such as the bamboo, the cintiq (13,22 and 24) and intuos 3, so I can really only recommend this brand. The Bamboo is price-wise a good place to start I think, but you will have to find out what size works best for you. (personally I like medium to large!)

I want to make my own comic. where do I start? what do I do?
The first step is to write a story.  Here’s a guide to how I make my own comics.

What’s your favourite manga?
Berserk, hands down. I really like Dark fantasy in general!

What’s your favourite Anime?
Berserk again, both the old Anime series and the new Golden Age Arc are my favourites.

Who influenced you artistically?
Yoshihiro Togashi (Yuu yuu Hakusho), Tite Kubo (during his Zombie Powder time), Kentaro Miura (Berserk), Miwa Shirow (Dogs), Shaun Healey.

How many languages do you speak?
Four: German, English, Japanese, French. :>