Please don’t send Tumblr Fan mail! > -<

… not because I don’t like it (I LOVE IT AAHH) it’s just that Tumblr keeps giving me error messages when I try to reply, making it impossible for me to write you back. /__\ 

So yes… please send Asks instead! Thanks~ ♥ 

P.S.: responses usually take a while…got a bit of a huge backlog going on…! OTL

Just in case some of you didn’t know… I have a NSFW blog.

  • Strictly 18 and up
  • Straight, Gay, Bi, etc. 
  • I don’t do requests. But sometimes I do commissions.
  • I answer questions discreetly but I have anon turned off.

I don’t update often, but I thought I’d share. :}

chibi commission~

A piece I started around the time of my breakup. decided to continue and hope to finish it soon.  u vu)

Fox twins~ commission finally finished. _ A_ ♥

Commission work in progress~ ´v `

For all those who do not follow my Crash’n’Burn blog, Crash’n’Burn #1 is finally out! You can buy it at Tokyopop’s webshop (Germany, Austria) and or

Thanks for your support so far. ♥  If you do buy a copy, I would greatly appreciate reviews as well!

You can read sample pages here. Please share as much as you can to make an English version possible Thank you!

anguage: German
Publisher: Tokyopop Germany
168 pages, paperback, ages 16 and up, contains sexual themes and strong language.

aaand the next commission. XD

Step by step of the last commission I made. :3

Photoshop | Sai

Commission. Full view here.  ♥

Working on another commission in paint tool Sai. :>

Thanks for 12,000 followers, I am truly honored! ♥ 

Another commission done! :} Grumpy elf archer.

Prize for the third place winner of the Crash’n’Burn contest from last year. :>
Fullview here.

work in progress~♥